Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

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How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!

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What is 2048?

It is a puzzle game where the primary intent is to combine tiles with identical numbers. If we do this, the amount doubles itself.

How it works?

If you join two tiles number 2, it will become 4, two tiles of 4 will soon end up eight, and so on. When you reach 2048 like this, it implies you have won, but you may continue playing and attain numbers such as 4096 and 8192. 2048 is an easy puzzle game.

How to win it?

You only have to slide the tiles with numbers on the playing field of 4x4 cells. Once the tiles with the same numbers touch, they are added together and merge into one tile. So, you must get to the amount of 2048.


Would you win 2048 easily?

Yes, many players can make the journey in 2048 after a few matches or even days, rarely from the first match. Once you receive the notion of this match, you're able to try out the corner plan. You may read about this on our hints and suggestions web page.

Do you play with 2048 on my PC?

You can play with 2048 on almost any computer only by using your browser. Open 2048game.com, then click "new match" and use the arrows to move the tiles. You may see additional guidelines only under the overall game itself. It's completely free of charge, and that you also don't need to download any programs on the world-wide-web.

Is 2048 a mathematics game?

2048 is just a favorite single-player puzzle game on both mobile and web. Lots of men and women feel it is a game since it's predicated on amounts. But it's not. You may think it's great if you're not very good at math. It's a lot more like an instinct and logic game.

What's the maximum score in 2048?

The highest score in 2048 is 131,972. You may need a bit of luck, though. To find that exact infrequent dent, you have to spawn a4 tile because of the very final tile. If you're not that lucky, then the theoretical most significant score is just two on the ability of 16 or 65,536.

How can scoring works?

Merging two lower grade dices will provide you the score of this bigger one. It would be best to accumulate all of the low tiers scores for almost any particular vinyl score.

Why your match 2048 is called 2048?

Attaining the 2048 tile can be the objective. You begin from 4 and 2. By consolidating the tales, you double another tile up to 2048.
Here they're the potential tiles: two = [4] > 8 => 16 => 32 => 64 => 128 => 256 => 512 => 1024 => 2048

Tips and tricks

2048 is a matching game where your task is to unite matching tiles to make bigger numbered tiles. Whenever there are no more moves left, and the board is complete, the game will be finished. If you would like to reach the legendary 2048 tile, you will need to think and plan your movements carefully. Below are a few hints on the best way to work your way up to a much better score each period in 2048!

How the board goes?

In 2048 you merely have four chief gestures: up, left, downright. Each time you swipe, every tile onto the board goes in that place as much as possible. If multiple cards may unite simultaneously, they'll do this. Bear this in your mind and know how motions operate before swiping a tile, which might or might not wind up where you thought it might.

Do not chase Massive tiles.

It's hard to withstand temptation and chase more oversized numbered tiles throughout the plank to unite them. This game style will always put you in a worse place than a greater one. Instead, concentrate on mixing smaller tiles and stress less about a particular set of tiles. They will always match up in a specific stage, or you wind up, creating a tile directly alongside it.

Work your way towards the corners.

Remaining at the corners guarantees that you have many the main game board to make new tiles. I have found that maintaining tiles piled to the corners functions the very best. Bring new tiles to the center area if you can, after which you can swipe to the corners to unite. Occasionally I start at the top left corner but find an opportunity to make bigger combos by shifting the whole board into the base left or right. Working at the corners creates a change in strategy much more superficial.

Plan ahead

This marginally goes together with my very first suggestion, but critically, plan. Look at all you've got about the board and what a 4 or 2 card will do to alter it. Maybe you find a game now, but bringing down a 2 to the other hand could create numerous games in 1 move. That is exactly what you wish to do.

Slow down and believe

It's difficult to tell exactly what the best move would be. Therefore it is ok if you do not get it. 2048 provides you many chances to recuperate from a terrible move provided that you have got empty spaces around the board. If you are not sure about the best transfer, reevaluate where cards have been on the board and whether you will want to modify their standing before stressing new cards.

Consistently make moves

Suppose you stumble across a case where you can combine numerous piles of cards simultaneously, consider it. The more spaces you remain available on the board, the more flexibility you might have when earning new cards. With single motions, you are replacing a card that you piled with a brand new one. After multiple cards may be united, you are not just bringing your new card on the plank, but you are eliminating over one. That is almost always a fantastic thing.

Created by Gabriele Cirulli. Based on 1024 by Veewo Studio and conceptually similar to Threes by Asher Vollmer.